Recommended Reading List 2003

January 15, 2003 · by DesignIntelligence

Here are the current Top 10 recommended books from the editors of DesignIntelligence:

Here are the current Top 10 recommended books from the editors of DesignIntelligence:

1. First Among Equals
Pat McKenna and David Maister
(Free Press)

2. How Firms Succeed, A Field Guide to Design Management
Jim Cramer and Scott Simpson

3. Execution
Bossidty and Charan

4. The Secret Code of the Superior Investor
James Glassman

5. Less is More, How Great Firms Use Productivity as a Competitive Tool
Jason Jennings

6. I Don't Know How She Does It
Allison Pearson

7. Memoirs
David Rockefeller
(Random House)

8. 2003 Almanac of Architecture and Design
James P. Cramer, Jennifer Yankopolus, editors

9. The Committed Enterprise
Hugh Davidson
(Butterworth Heinemann)

10. Good to Great
Jim Collins

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