Strategic Plan Implementation: How to Make Good Things Happen and Better Things Happen Consistently

February 15, 2008 · by Melinda Pearson

Getting the strategic plan right is hard to do, but implementing it is even harder. And everyone’s job depends on it.

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Strategic Implementation: A Sampling of Results

• A full 85 percent of projects are profitable at 12 percent or higher.

• Faster service delivery has been delivered on 96 percent of projects.

• Global client base has grown by 17 percent.

• The fourth consecutive year of contract growth at 8 percent or higher.

• 67 percent of total projects are now full-service delivery in scope.

• Have been recognized for four regional design awards and with letters from satisfied clients on 100 percent of our work.

• Forged new strategic partnership with Asian construction entity.

• Created “smartchange” as a custom building information modeling solution in health care.

• Increased the number of staff by 8 percent and the revenues by 21 percent, translating into productivity breakthrough without burning out staff.

• Moved from a commodity service strategy to a knowledge-based, fee-based strategy.

• Achieved record profits in K-12 education category.

• Completed new book on higher education design solutions with distribution to 2,300.

• Racked up a 33 percent market share increase in industrial sector.

• Made strategic investments in Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

• Established new liquidity levels and debt free status for first time in six years.

• Introduced new consulting services in Europe through a reciprocal strategic alliance.

• First firm in our state authorized to do advanced biocontainment facility design.

• Record three articles in the Wall Street Journal focused on our process innovation in real estate.

• Reduced staff turnover to 11 percent for two years in a row, meeting goal of 8 percent to 12 percent.

• Expanded by two locations to better serve clients in entertainment design.

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